You rock! Online portfolios in times of the Corona pandemic

In times of the Corona pandemic, we all look forward to live events. Especially with the final year of event technicians, AFV3, you can see how much they love their job just before the final exams.
In the distance English class, the students had the chance to apply virtually for an event of their choice with a portfolio. The results are impressive video applications that clearly show what this class is capable of, not only professionally but also in terms of language use.Watch it and let yourself be carried away into the world of rock concerts and other events.

With these professionals, nothing can go wrong. Video (C) by Philip B., Ronja P., Nadja P. and Ina W.:

A slightly different approach was chosen by the group around Jannis L., who edited the whole thing in the end. Here, Spongebob was given a show that is unparalleled. Video by (c) Lukas G., Jannis L., Alexander L. and Tabea T. The scene from Spongebob’s performance is taken from YouTube.

Looking for an environmentally-friendly and sustainable supply for your next event? Then get in touch with (c) Marius E., Yannik M., Fabian O., Rasmus S. and Henry T.

To be honest, the next company’s email address could be shortened a bit, however, they can also offer an impressive portfolio of past events. Convince yourself and take care not to get deaf listening to Rammstein performing to a pyro show. Trust in (c) Luca F., Michel M., Charleen T. and Jonas W.