Was ist los am Berufskolleg Gladbeck?

Projekt des Englisch-Leistungskurses

Nach der letzten Klausur des laufenden Schuljahres setzte sich der Leistungskurs Englisch auf eine etwas andere Art mit der behandelten Lektüre auseinander.

Project work: producing a trailer for „The Tortilla Curtain”


Our task was to produce a trailer for the novel “The Tortilla Curtain” by T.C. Boyle.

We were split into groups of three or four people in which we had to produce a trailer, an evaluation sheet and a sheet about reflecting our group work.

There were different rules given which we had to follow, for example, the length had to be two to two and a half minutes, we should use at least six different camera positions, sound, music and text passages to make the trailer more interesting.

The evaluation sheet had to consist of five questions evaluating the results of the projects.

Moreover, we had to present our project to our classmates by them telling about the reasons for choosing the different scenes, the perspectives and the music.

We had to produce the trailer by acting ourselves or/and using videos from the internet.

In addition, we had to present our line of work.

At the end, our classmates had to assess all trailers by using the evaluation sheet.


The Tortilla Curtain by T. C. Boyle


The novel “The Tortilla Curtain” was published in 1995 and is about two couples – one American and one Mexican – , their lives and the circumstances they have to get through.

The story starts with a car accident in which Delaney Mossbacher – an American and self-proclaimed liberal humanist – hits the illegal Mexican Cándido Rincón with his car and instead of helping him just pays him off with $ 20.

From there on Delaney becomes more and more racist throughout the story, while Cándido’s life gets worse and worse being unable to work and his pregnant wife, América, having to go and earn money.

The community of Arroyo Blanco, where Delaney lives with his family, decides on building a wall around the neighborhood to keep out burglars (Mexicans), which , at first, Delaney is against. But throughout the story he starts to like the idea more and more. When at Thanksgiving a fire starts from down in the canyon, at which Arroyo Blanco is located and in which Cándido and his wife live, and also reaches the estates, Delaney finally has enough and decides to hunt Cándido down to get him out of his life once and for all.

At the end of the novel Delaney, Cándido and América almost drown because of a flood, but Cándido and América are able to help themselves onto the roof of a building and ironically, when Delaney’s hand grabs onto the roof, trying to pull himself up, it is Cándido who reaches out to save his life.


                           Evaluation of our project


Our project was to produce a trailer for the novel “The Tortilla Curtain” by T.C. Boyle.

It was very interesting and exciting, but also hard.

One problem was to decide which scenes are the best for making our trailer interesting because the novel was very boring which made it harder.

Another one problem was that we did not have enough time, so we did not know how to start because each scene was important for our trailer and we did not know which to film first.

Moreover, there was not much time to record and edit our trailer so we went through much stress to finish the trailer by the deadline.

Another problem was that we had just one programme at school to edit the scenes and it worked very slowly.

On the other hand it was fun to do the project and we laughed a lot when we failed some scenes.

Also it was very interesting to see how the other groups solved the task.

All in all it makes much fun to produce an own trailer because it is something different in contrast to ordinary tasks at school.

So we would say that we should do projects like this more often, maybe for each book we have to read in future at school.

But if we do it, we should have more time to finish the trailer.